Wireless Solutions for School Clocks and Hospital Clocks

The expansion of wireless solutions across the country in schools as well as hospitals is no coincidence. Because of their low cost and reliability, wireless products have reached a pinnacle in their application of these various facilities, and by no means is the wireless clock system left out of the equation. Wireless clocks have found their way into schools and hospitals because of their wire-free application, as well as their ability provide an accurate time display to all corners of a building.

If you are searching for a wireless clock system for your school or hospital, but you are debating on keeping your old clocks and dealing with all of their quirks and issues, please take a look at the following situation in each facility and see if it will point you in the right direction.


Wireless school clocks have been known to save the facility or janitorial manager of a school hours out of the day from pointless maintenance on faulty clocks. Schools will sometimes fall into a routine of maintaining their old clock system or, in other words, manually correcting the hands to keep the clock on time. This can take precious time away from a facility manager when there are more pressing matters at hand. However, if a new wireless school clock system is installed, the facility manager no longer needs to walk around to each clock in the building, correcting the clocks by hand.


A hospital with a faulty clock system can sometimes lead to legal implications against the establishment. For example, when nurses or doctors record the time in which they administer medication to patients, that time must be exact according to the patient’s regular schedule. If a nurse or doctor record the time from an inaccurate wall clock, that incorrect documentation can be brought up against the hospital in a legal suit. When a hospital decides to install a wireless hospital clock system in their facility, the possibility of lawsuits against the hospital due to inaccurate time is left in the past.

How the wireless school clock or hospital clock solves these issues:

Wireless clocks solve these aforementioned issues with their ability to avoid drifting from the accurate time. Each clock receives a correction every two or four hours depending on the kind of energy consumption the facility manager prefers. Since the clock receives the correct time through a wireless signal sent from the main transmitter at these rates, the clocks are unable to drift, providing accurate time, always. As you can see, these issues are an easy fix with the implementation of wireless school clocks or hospital clocks. Still not convinced? For further reading on what a wireless clock system can do for your facility, click here.