Wireless Clocks: Unknown Benefits

A clock is a product that virtually every industry has in its facilities, but is rarely paid attention to. “It gives the time, that’s it” is the mentality that the average employee would have about this time-telling device. Little do the employees know that an integrated wireless clock system provides a wide array of benefits for them and the company as a whole. When all employees are aware of the time, down to the exact second, very little confusion takes place. Employees are more likely to show up to meetings on time, meet their deadlines accordingly, and everything in between. That’s just with a regular system; clock systems have come a long way.

Clocks now have the capability of being installed wirelessly throughout a building and get the same information from one master clock. The master clock sends the signal to all the slave clocks, a term used to describe each individual clock. If a clock or two falls out of the signal range, there is no need to fret. Repeaters can be installed at the end of the signal range to expand it so that all clocks get the correct time. This way, there is essentially no way that inaccuracy can strike. Also, the fact that they are wireless provides them with more versatility for their owners. They can be assembled in any room on any floor, so long as there is a repeater that keeps it within its signal range. This is especially beneficial for hospitals. With the large amount of floors and special operating rooms, it is easy for a clock to fall out of signal. The repeaters make sure that that isn’t an issue. Large corporate buildings benefit from wireless clocks because the fact that an accurate time will always be present takes away almost any excuse that an employee would make about being late for work, a meeting, or anything of the sort. The transportation industry also feels the positive effects of a wireless clock system. With public transportation being so vital in today’s economy, accurate time is essential. This is promoted with the installation of a wireless clock system. These types of benefits cater to the needs of all industries.

Sapling’s wireless clocks simply make the everyday life easier for industries and the personnel within them. With the tough economic pressures that citizens currently face on an everyday basis, things such as time accuracy should be a given. When everyone knows the exact time, communication becomes clearer, organization becomes more consistent, tardiness becomes a thing of the past, and organization performance is optimized as a whole. The cost of this helpful product can be higher than an average clock system, but the overall investment is worth it in the long haul. Maintenance fees become practically nonexistent, which can’t be said about their lower-priced counterparts. There is generally a reason why certain clock systems are priced so low, and the companies that unfortunately purchase them tend to figure that out in time. Those fees add up, usually resulting immensely higher than the initial extra price of getting a high-quality wireless system. With all that being said, wireless clock systems provide advantages that are immensely beneficial to all industries and can take a company to the next level.