Wireless Clocks: The Technology Within

Understanding wireless clocks means understanding the technology they hold within. Wireless clock systems are reliable sources of accurate time without the hassle of extra wiring during installation. These clocks have technology that allows the system to synchronize wirelessly and effortlessly for its users. In order to understand exactly what it is that a wireless clock does, let’s look at the technology Sapling Wireless Clocks have to offer us.

1. Master Clock Synchronization

Each wireless clock is able to synchronize to a main hub or Sapling master clock. The clocks will receive their accurate, up-to-the-second time from the master clock without any sort of wired connection. The master clock’s time source comes from a GPS receiver or NTP time server, guaranteeing precise time for the entire wireless clock system.

2. RF Technology

The Radio Frequency Technology (RF) that can be found within most wireless clocks is radio wave frequency receivers. These clocks receive the clock system’s time signal for synchronization via a wireless connection. An ingenious feature in Sapling’s wireless clocks, however, is that they contain transceivers (meaning they both send and receive the time signal). This transceiver technology infinitely extends the range of the wireless signal by redistributing the signal at every location that a clock is placed.

3. Frequent Correction

Sapling’s wireless clocks will always display the correct time. This is due to their ability to constantly correct and stay in sync with the time sent out by the master clock. The signal is received and transmitted once every minute for digital and analog clocks that are powered locally and every two hours (normal mode) or four hours (economy mode) for battery powered analog clocks.

4. Diagnostics

With this element within Sapling wireless clocks, the user of the system can check if certain changes have occurred to the clocks. This includes battery level, signal strength, and complete testing of the clock movement. The user is able to remain proactive with maintenance thanks to these features.

Thanks to the technology that has been implemented within wireless clocks like Sapling’s, users of a wireless clock system can rest assured knowing that their clocks will always display the correct time, stay consistently correct, and remain easy to maintain. Thanks to their inventive spirit and innovative technology, Sapling’s wireless clocks prove that they are ahead of the curve and a viable solution for whatever your timekeeping needs may be.