Wireless Clocks Enjoy Their Stay at Hotels

Many of us have been away from home, whether it’s for business or pleasure, the world calls us away from the comfort of our homes at one point or another. In many cases, you will need a place to stay and hotels are there to fulfill that need.

Hotels never cease operation, they are a 24/7/365 operation with a multitude of employees, many different duties and guests in and out at all hours. Between family and friends on vacation, those traveling for business and even working in the hotel, not one person in a hotel is on a synchronized schedule; everyone operates with their own agenda in mind, worrying about whether the clocks are displaying the correct time should not be a worry. Below are a few example of how installing a Sapling wireless clock system can assist your hotel employees and guests alike.

Each clock within Sapling’s wireless clock system includes a built-in repeater. This means that when the master clock sends out the time to the clocks, the analog or digital clock receives that time and retransmits it out to other clocks within the system. This feature eliminates the need to purchase high power transmitters and/or repeaters.

Another money saving feature that comes along with the wireless clock system is the ease of installation. The installation of Sapling’s wireless clocks is extremely easy, just pop in a battery and place on the wall. This ease of installation does not require complicated wiring and the extra expense of hiring a certified electrician to handle the installation.

Hotels have many, many rooms, there could be hundreds of clocks within the system, and if a power failure occurs, it would be very difficult for the hotel maintenance staff to manually update every clock. With Sapling, once power is restored, the clocks will automatically update to the correct time, saving plenty of maintenance time and confused guests.

Hotels have a big responsibility; they provide shelter and safety to countless number of guests. To ensure a satisfied guest, they must utilize high quality and reliable equipment in order to keep the hotel running smoothly. By implementing a Sapling wireless clock system, your facility will receive the most accurate time, all the time. Contact us today to find out more about a wireless clock system for your hotel.