Wireless Clock Systems in Your Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing plants all share one very common challenge—staying on schedule. The pick-up or delivery of finished goods must be on-time to keep customers happy. Deliveries of raw goods must arrive at a specified part of the work day and unloading them into the facility must occur in an orderly fashion. Many manufacturing plants are able to stay on schedule successfully and conduct operations in an appropriate manner, while many constantly fall behind, missing deadlines and losing organization within the facility. This state of disarray that many of these manufacturing facilities are experiencing can be due to many reasons. However, one of the most obvious possibilities is the clock system used in the manufacturing plant.

In hindsight, the manufacturing plants that DO run an organized operation most likely use a wireless clock system in their facility. Why? Because wireless clocks, while providing much more accurate time than other standalone clocks, have added features to the manufacturing facility that assist in keeping deliveries, pick-ups, and all workers in the facility on schedule. The following are just a few capabilities of a wireless clock system that can change the way manufacturers run their facility.

1. Scheduling Bells

While most manufacturing facilities rely on their workers or inaccurate bell systems to keep track of break time, deliveries, or pick-ups, wireless clocksystems have a better way of alerting the facility. With a wireless clock system, managers of a manufacturing plant have the ability to integrate their bell system with the system’s master clock. When this happens, the master clock will be able to trigger the bells during predetermined times set by the manager, synchronizing the accurate time displayed on the walls with the sound of the bells. This way, when it’s time for workers to take lunch-break, or to report to the loading dock for a morning shipment, both events will streamlined and occur without issue.

2. Getting Deliveries out On-Time

When preparing for outgoing deliveries, the organization of workers and the process of loading the finished goods into the truck can be somewhat chaotic. Sometimes goods aren’t finished on time, and sometimes the truck isn’t in place to load the goods. These issues at times can be attributed to inaccuracy of the wall clocks. For example, the driver may receive the time from a clock that is five or ten minutes slow, leading them to think they have more time than they thought to get the truck to the dock. In these types of situations, the accuracy of a wireless clock system can alleviate the issue.

Within a manufacturing plant, timing can be everything. In a facility that works around a strict schedule, the managers and employees of these plants need an accurate time display to keep the simplest functions on schedule, as well as added features to streamline the daily activities. A wireless clock system provides all of the above. With a time display that never becomes inaccurate and features that can integrate with other systems within the facility, wireless clocks are the ideal solution for manufacturing plants that have trouble keeping to schedule.