Wireless Clock System in the Military – The Sapling Advantage

The United States is a country that prides itself on how far it has come since its establishment as an independent country. Everybody is aware of the “American Dream” and many try to do whatever possible to achieve it. The famous quote “only in America” is a true testament to how much freedom individuals have in this great nation. This freedom however, is not free. Our powerful military is a huge factor as to why we have so many freedoms. Decade after decade, new technological breakthroughs have kept the US military in a league of its own relative to other nations. Simply put, the military should be using the most advanced equipment when it is carrying out its duties. A wireless clock system from Sapling is just the product to complement this already successful organization.

Soldiers and administrators in the military should be as productive as possible when they are on the job and a wireless clock system can help accomplish this. When there is confusion as to what the exact time is, there is a higher probability that efficiency is reduced. Think about it, if one clock reads 12:37, another clock reads 12:33 and a third clock reads 12:41, when is an individual going to take his or her lunch break that begins at 12:35? A normal person who doesn’t know the importance of time management would reasonably refute that a few minutes probably isn’t going to make a difference. People have to realize that these few minutes that “don’t make a difference” add up and can potentially result in a big difference. Soldiers can abuse the lack of uniformity and increase the leisure activity an extra 15 minutes. Administration can put off an assignment a day or two because one clock displays a time that ends a workday. An organization is simply not a well-oiled machine if it runs this way, and if there is any organization that needs to run as efficiently as possible, it is our military.

A wireless clock system from Sapling would take care of this problem and virtually make it something worth worrying very little about. In an ordinary wireless clock system, there is a master clock which sends its signal to other slave clocks, and repeaters can be bought to increase the range of frequency. With Sapling’s wireless clock system, each clock has a built-in repeater, which lowers the chance that a clock cannot receive the proper time. This form of assurance is something that gives peace of mind and allows military officials to place their worrying and effort towards their job, defending our nation’s freedoms. Sapling salutes our country’s troops and prides itself on being able to help make them as efficient as possible while making their day a bit less stressful!