Why Sapling?

Sometimes the questions that seem the simplest to answer are sometimes the hardest to develop answers for. A common interview question that the interviewer could ask the potential candidate is just simply “Why you?” The wording is simple but the ability to not be able to promote the good qualities within yourself could be crippling. Knowing your value, your strengths and even your weaknesses can only help you as you travel on the road called life.

Here at Sapling, we regularly like to ask ourselves “Why us?” It helps keeps us on track, focused and dedicated to crafting the greatest product we know we can.
Here are a few integral reasons ‘why us!’ :

• Since 1993, Sapling has been recognized as a leader in the synchronized clock system industry. We’ve had this success due to our superior innovation and advanced technology that we invest into our products.

• Our clocks are made with quality in mind, using only the best materials available. Our analog clock cases are made with durable ABS and our wired clocks use smooth surface metal. Our dials are made out of strong polystyrene and our crystals are shatterproof polycarbonate, making our clocks stand the test of time.

Sapling’s technology is cutting edge and constantly progressing. Over the years, we’ve introduced many sophisticated systems such as our wireless clock system, IP clock system and our TalkBack Wireless system. Each of these systems is unique and offer customers accurate, precise time as well as flexibility.

Sapling places a large emphasis on our top notch customer service and support. Our attentive sales, service and support staff is always there to help with any questions or concerns our customers have. Our staff consistently goes the extra mile for our customers.

• Our system selection is excellent, offering customers a solution for virtually any application. With a wide variety of systems such as our patented wireless clock system, our advanced IP clock system and three different types of wired systems, we’re sure to fit almost any scenario for a clock system that you may encounter.

As you can see, we have worked hard to become the leader in the synchronized clock system industry, while combining quality products and service with ingenious technology! To find out more about us, please visit our website.