Traveling With The Sapling Company

Public transportation is definitely a cheaper alternative to driving yourself and finding parking (especially in a big city), but it can be a bit of an interesting experience. I can’t be sure how your experiences may have went, but mine have been a little dicey. A few years ago I worked at a bar in Center City, Philadelphia. At this point, I didn’t have a car at this point, so I relied heavily on the subway system to get me to and from work.

One issue that many people have with public transportation is whether or not the subway, bus or train will arrive on time. There are days that a city’s public transportation will arrive on schedule and there are days when it is completely off schedule and contributes to you being late for work, school or whatever your next planned activity is. One way to help public transportation get to and from its next destination on time is the implementation of a wireless synchronized clock system.

The Sapling Company has been helping transportation authority’s remain timely for over two decades. The installation of our wireless synchronized time system in public transportation terminals will give full time awareness to the passengers and employees running in charge of driving the train, bus or subway. With Sapling’s wireless clock system, all of the secondary clocks will receive the same, accurate time from the master clock. Each secondary clock has a built in transmitter, which can repeat out the time to other neighboring clocks, ensuring all clocks within a system are displaying the correct time. Sapling’s synchronized time system can help any public transportation facility remain on time, and can help make their customer’s experience more pleasant.

Punctuality is a key component to any public transportation authority. Patrons expect them to be on time, so they can get where they need to be in a timely fashion. Sapling’s synchronized wireless clocks will keep any facility operating in a timely manner, which will keep customers and employees happy.

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