Traveling with Sapling

Airports can be a particular frustrating place. Aside from the security checks, the seemingly endless airport terminals and flight delays – time confusion is among the top grievances experienced by fliers today. Everyone knows that you have to get to the airport a few hours before your flight in order to make the departure time. If the clocks in an airport are not synchronized, this could lead to delayed passengers and flights, as well as a backup of any additional flights thereafter. Pesky annoyances such as these can be made easier among airline patrons with the help of Sapling.

The Sapling Company specializes in synchronized clock systems, which allows each clock within the system to display the most accurate time possible. One benefit when you install a synchronized clock system is assisting employees with proper time management. Managing time is especially important for an airport, people on business need to arrive at a meeting, airport staff need to report at their post, etc. Every clock in the terminals must  be 100 percent accurate in order to help an airport operate smoothly. If the times read different on clocks in separate locations in an airport, then there is a greater possibility that a patron will miss their departure time.

A wireless synchronized clock system from Sapling can assist airports in avoiding time-related problems like these. The trick to Sapling’s success is the existence of a repeater in each secondary clock. When the master clock sends out a signal to the clocks in its radius, they will pick up the signal and then retransmit that signal to the clocks within their radius. This will spread until all of the clocks are displaying the most accurate time.

With Sapling’s wireless clock system, there is no need for a master clock that emits a large amount of power in order  to reach all of the  clocks within the terminal. Most airport terminals are fairly lengthy and would require a powerful, expensive transmitter to reach all of the clocks, but with Sapling’s wireless system that is not the case. All of the clocks in the system will be updated from clocks within its radius, and so on.

Airport officials can ensure accuracy for their patrons and staff members which will allow for increased customer satisfaction and a low-stress environment. The integration of a synchronized wireless system will not only help improve relations with patrons, but will help improve employee efficiency and time management.

If you have any questions about wireless clock systems or synchronized clock systems in general, please contact us!