Timing Behind the Scenes – Sports Equipment Managers

Sapling’s synchronized clock systems can benefit a wide array of industries. In order to showcase how our clock systems can do just that, we have decided to go behind the scenes in certain industries and focus on a particular job or task and how the addition of a Sapling synchronized clock system can help bring any facility to the next level.

Enthusiasm, camaraderie and anticipation are feelings conjured up when walking into a sports stadium. Among the crowd, excitement flows in the air while fans are waiting to support their favorite teams. However, behind the scenes, support staff members provide relentless fervor and work that goes largely unnoticed. Without these people, things the common sports fan takes for granted would not be present. Effectiveness and proficiency are the essence of their work and the correct time being displayed throughout a facility can benefit these staff members.

Hours prior to game time, team equipment managers are there, working humbly through the silence of the vastly empty corridors of the soon to be deafening arena. Numerous duties are present upon arrival to the arena. Basic duties include setting up the field with the necessary balls, bags and helping run practice drills are just a few amongst all other tasks benefiting quality control of the operation. The most overlooked, yet most important aspect the equipment managers provide is safety. With the recent emphasis on player’s safety becoming more of a prominent issue in sports, it is of utmost importance to provide the top of line and properly sized equipment to the players in order to prevent injury. With so much responsibility and countless tasks placed on their shoulders daily, it can be easy to fall behind schedule. With a Sapling synchronized clock system strategically placed throughout a sports arena, it will help equipment managers stay on schedule so all supporting responsibilities are completed before game time.

One particular feature that Sapling offers that can help give equipment managers an upper hand is the Elapsed Timer. Sapling’s Elapsed Timer is a simple device that allows you to control the timing capabilities a digital clock in a synchronized clock system. Digital clocks can be programmed to either count up or count down so that the equipment managers know exactly how much time they have until practice begins, game time, etc.

Timing is everything and with the implementation of a Sapling synchronized clock system, time around the arena is harmonized, which can create a more positive work environment. If you would like more information about a synchronized time system or our Elapsed Timer, please contact us!