Timing Behind the Scenes – Correctional Officers

Correctional facilities, or more commonly known as prisons, have been around for many centuries. One of the earliest forms existed in the shape of dungeons and detention centers. In England, prisons were documented as early as the 1500s. And in the United States, prisons began coming to light after the American Revolution. Since then, prisons have certainly evolved and include many more safety measures.

The main reason why people become incarcerated is because they have broken the law. Laws are put forth to help community members live and create a safe, healthy environment for everyone. However, a small group of people find themselves in trouble with the laws or violate them for one reason or another. In some cases, this puts multiple innocent humans at risk with their dangerous behavior.

Eventually, most guilty people are convicted and will be placed in jail for a certain amount of time. The people in charge of the supervision of these people falls onto correctional officers; they work tirelessly because they are responsible for overseeing individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or who have been sentenced to serve time in a jail.

Every correctional officer could use an aid in handling their responsibilities and Sapling’s synchronized clocks can help them out in many ways, including coordination. Certain Sapling products have the ability to interface with existing systems. A synchronized clock system can sync up with the facility’s PA system, which can signal both the residents and employees when it’s time for dinner, recreational activities, etc. Furthermore, Sapling’s Master Clock may interface with the controller of the automated cell doors, so that the doors close and open at the certain times such as breakfast or bedtime.

Safety is the utmost concern for correctional officers with many questionable situations that may arise on the job. People within the facilities will be under constant surveillance because Sapling systems will help coordinate proper scheduling. Also, being able to connect to the PA system has more benefits: if a situation arises that requires immediate action, the PA system can be used to alert all residents and employees to go to a particular area and remain there until a certain time. Certain digital clocks can perform messaging features such as “FiRE”, which aids in awareness around the facility.

With Sapling, being in control of all facets of a correctional facility becomes easier to handle; safety is better maintained and correctional officers are able to better perform under difficult circumstances.