The Sapling Standard


At the heart of every Sapling synchronized clock system is a master clock. The master clock is an extremely advanced piece of technology that can accomplish many tasks within the system, such as automatically update clocks after a power outage and send numerical messages to digital clocks.

The master clock can be configured by the system’s administrator to their desired settings. Some settings include the option for NTP or GPS time updates, who is the recipient of the e-mail updates, and whether the system will run on a 12 or 24 hours schedule. Regardless of which master clock is in your system (SMA 2000, SMA 3000, SMA 5000, SMA 6000, NTP 7000 or NTP 8000), there are certain features that come standard with every Sapling model.

  •  NTP Server – Each Sapling master clock can receive time from an NTP Server, this is a standard feature with all of our master clocks.  A user can enter in the NTP Server address via the master clock’s web interface and that’s where the clock will pull the accurate time from. For added redundancy, the master clock can store up to ten different NTP server addresses.
  • Advanced Communication – a user-friendly, web-based interface comes standard with each master clock, which allows the user to program their system’s settings as desired. Once they have configured their settings, the master clock will communicate to each secondary clock, and they will update accordingly. On the very rare chance that your master clock loses communication, it will send an e-mail alert to a designated end-user. The master clock will also update administration via email when it switches an NTP server address.
  • Daylight Saving Time (DST) – This feature also comes standard with every master clock and it allows the master clock to relay the time when Daylight Saving Time occurs. Regardless of the model, every master clock from Sapling has the ability to automatically update at both the beginning and end of Daylight Saving Time.

The Sapling Company offers a variety of models of master clocks, each one beneficial to any type of facility.  The features I talked about today are just some of the ones that come standard with every model. Even the standard master clock features are at the forefront of synchronized clock technology, which the Sapling Company has been pioneering for over two decades.

For any additional questions about the Sapling Company and their unique master clocks, please contact us!