The Quality of Sapling IP, Wired, and Wireless Clocks

Choosing a wireless clock system can be a difficult task. With so many manufacturers in the industry, it might be difficult to decide which is the best and most appropriate system for your application and budget. At Sapling, we manufacture our products with very durable, high-quality materials. We know that a clock system is an important investment in any facility, and want to make sure our products are strong and long-lasting. Some of the details that set our clocks apart from the rest are difficult to detect at first glance, others you can tell by simply looking at or holding our products. Here are a few of the differences that set Sapling apart.

One of the first things you will notice when holding our clocks is the low-profile, smooth casing on each clock exterior. Our clocks are not constructed out of thin, flimsy metal or plastic. Rather, our clock casing is constructed out of sturdy, durable metal. The crystal on top of the clock face is constructed out of shatterproof, polycarbonate material. The crystal is side-molded rather than front-molded, which means our crystals never have unseemly injection marks in the center. In addition, our crystals never have glass or molding marks. The dial is made of polystyrene material, rather than paper which is used by some other manufacturers. Not only is polystyrene more sturdy, it has the added benefit of being fade-resistant.

We take great care in the construction of our products as well. In addition to quality materials, our clocks are assembled with great care. You will not find our clocks held together with superglue and scotch tape. In addition, we are highly cognizant of the safety of our products. All Sapling products are UL certified, meaning that they have to adhere to a certain set of guidelines which advocate safer electronics. For example, the plastic casing surrounding our wireless clocks contains fire-retardant materials.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing your new synchronized clock system. There are basic guidelines such as the type of system, the color of the product, and the added benefits and features. However, don’t forget to consider some of the factors that may be harder to see, such as material quality and construction. Sapling strives to provide the utmost in quality in regards to both of these factors. Because of this, you can feel comfortable knowing your synchronized IP, wired, or wireless clock system will be durable, long-lasting, and safe.