The IP Clock Evolution

The clock industry, much like many other industries, has evolved to quite some level in recent years. What was once considered imaginative is now possible, even expected. Take the iPod, for example. When the late, great Steve Jobs first unleashed this future pioneer of MP3 players, people couldn’t believe what had come to them. It was a sleek, sophisticated-looking device that synced to a computer program called iTunes and allowed people to store hundreds of songs on one portable device. As revolutionary and brilliant as it was, the first iPod would look like an ancient relic compared to the devices that currently reside in the market. The same can be said about many other products that have evolved over time, even in the synchronized clock market. Up until recently, a clock was just an ordinary device that would aid one with figuring out the time. Nowadays, the industry has followed the footsteps of its fellow industries and evolved to a whole other level.

Sapling’s introduction of its IP System has made a strong impact on industries that strongly rely on precise, accurate time, notably the healthcare, education and transportation industries to name a few. What separates Sapling’s IP clocks from other types of clocks is that signal range and frequency are no longer necessarily things to worry about. With Sapling’s IP clocks, the information for each clock can be monitored and update through the IP Clock Monitor software. A user can control the entire IP system from one location as well as implement system-wide changes.

As society has developed newer and more efficient products and strategies to live by, including a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle, the clock industry has taken this into account as well. Sapling’s digital IP clocks have a unique quality in that it is programmable so that after a certain point of time, its brightness can be adjusted or be scheduled to turn off. For example, say a hospital’s non-emergency wing’s patient’s start going to sleep a little after 9 p.m. If this particular hospital uses digital IP clocks, it can program the system for that wing’s clock to dim at a particular point so that it doesn’t disturb the residents. After implementing this system, an organization can reduce its environmental impact and help hospital staff complete vital tasks on time. These are only a few features that IP clocks possess.

As stated earlier, such as the way Steve Jobs demonstrated a technological evolution with his breakthrough with Apple products, Sapling’s PoE clock has also showed a technological evolution. With Sapling’s IP clocks, many things such as frequency and signal range are not as important as before. Computers suddenly play a larger role in implementing and checking up on the time system. The list can go on and on. The fact of the matter is that the world is constantly evolving, and Sapling has been there to both experience it and promote it.