The Configuration Station – Simplifying Tool

The Sapling Company is an organization that offers a plethora of technologically advanced timekeeping products for our customers. We understand that not every facility manager is familiar with the ins and outs of synchronized clock systems and making the decision of which system to pick can be difficult. In order to help guide our customers, Sapling has created the Configuration Station. The purpose of this tool is to help make the process and decision much easier and simple to follow. The only thing that is required by the customer is the following the 10 easy steps.

Throughout the process of building a clock system, the Configuration Station takes note of which products the user chooses and dynamically inserts descriptions throughout the process. For example, on step two of the Configuration Station you are asked to choose which system you’d like to implement. If you are not sure which system you’d like to purchase, located next to each choice is a Learn More button. When you click on this button, it will lead you to that particular system’s product page. On this product page, you will be able to gather more information on each system and the benefits each offers. These Learn More links are placed at every step along the process.

At Step 8, you will have the opportunity to review a summary of your order, including the system, type of clocks and accessories you have chosen. At Step 9 we ask for your contact information in order to provide you with more information about the synchronized clock system and products you have chosen.

When you complete all 10 steps, you will have the opportunity to receive a bill of materials, which includes part numbers and descriptions, engineering specifications and specification sheets. All of these documents will provide in-depth information from the weight of the clocks to the amount of energy the clocks use.

While it is beneficial for a prospective customer to do a reasonable amount of prior research before making a purchase of any product, Sapling provides resources in the Configuration Station that make it much easier for individuals wishing to implement a synchronized clock system in their organizations. Contact a Sapling representative and see for yourself what this company can do for you!