TalkBack Technology – Ideal for Hospitals

Hospitals face constant stresses on a daily basis. A few of the tasks that hospital employees face are taking care of an ill patient, making sure the interns are doing their job properly, filling out the countless paperwork to legally-okay certain procedures and the list goes on and on. The daily life of a physician is one that is not preferred by everyone, there are countless job duties that a physician has to juggle and because of that, an extraordinary amount of time-management skills are needed to be able to work in the medical field. Unfortunately, a significant amount of hospitals lack synchronization of the clocks that are dispersed throughout the vicinity. Most people feel as though the time that is displayed on their phone suffices, but what these individuals don’t realize is that a substantial amount of problems can arise when there is not absolute cohesion among all hospital employees as to what time it is. These problems can range from morally draining situations, all the way up to legal disputes. Clock systems that use Sapling’s TalkBack Technology can immensely alleviate many time-related issues that occur in hospitals. The following are 3 key reasons why all hospital executives should consider installing a Sapling TalkBack clock system in their facilities.

Product Differentiation

Sapling’s TalkBack Technology is unlike any other technology that other clock manufacturers produce. Like most clock systems, TalkBack Technology uses a master clock, repeaters and secondary clocks. However, this product has an ability that other types lack, the ability to communicate with its owners. This device has the ability and intelligence to literally update its owners via email regarding its current status. If it needs new batteries, the owner will see the message as soon as the need is noticed by the device. This lets the owner act accordingly before any employee is affected by any confilct the device may be experiencing. Any product can receive information; the TalkBack clock system can also send it.

Maximizes Organization

When clocks are synchronized to the very last second, time-management skills are maximized. This makes life in a hospital considerably easier for physicians. These professionals have the well being of their patients to worry about. Their job is hard enough; there’s no reason why they, nor their patients, should have to deal with problems that arise from implementing a subpar clock system in the hospital. Their productivity should be maximized for the sake of the individuals in their care as well as their reputation as practicing medical doctors. This is achieved with the implementation of Sapling’s TalkBack Technology. Since there is little-to-no chance that a time inaccuracy will occur with this device for its capabilities that were mentioned in the previous paragraph, it’s in the best interest of all hospitals to make the upgrade.

The Sapling Name

Last, but certainly not least, the reputation that Sapling’s products have built for their excellence should not be disregarded. Sapling has a long and rich history of satisfying all of its clients to the best of its abilities. The organization prides itself on the physical quality of each one of its products and can confidently say that it has a product for any industry; hospitals are no exception. TalkBack Technology is Sapling’s newest technology that it’s engineers have diligently worked on to ensure optimal performance is produced in the workplace with its installation, and clients who have purchased it have not been disappointed.

If you would like more information regarding TalkBack Technology, feel free to contact a representative or visit its product webpage. You will be glad you!