Taking Steps Towards a “Green” Business with Sapling Wireless Clocks

“Going green”. We’ve heard the phrase again and again. What used to be nothing more than a color has now become a world-wide movement for environmental protection and conservation. The products of this campaign can be seen in everything from anti-littering campaigns to families installing solar panels on their houses. Much of the weight of the green movement has fallen on the shoulders of businesses and manufacturers to produce environmentally friendly products and to operate in a way that is more sustainable. Because of this, not only is going green good for the environment, it is good for business. Clients respect a business that cares about its community, and it is important if a company wishes to maintain a positive, progressive image. When it comes to going green, every little bit matters, and installing Sapling Wireless Clocks into your facility can help your company meet its sustainability goals.

One major environmental concern is energy conservation. Sapling Wireless Clocks have addressed this concern in several ways.

Sapling Wireless clocks are installed just the way they sound – without wires. This will save a significant amount of electricity because each individual clock is powered by two “D” cell alkaline batteries. The master clock, which sends the wireless signal out to each clock, is the only part of the system that requires electricity to operate. Imagine running an entire clock system with a single wire. Not only does this save energy, but it is also cost-effective and easy to install. Hang the clocks on the wall and you’re done. Running on the normal setting, you won’t have to change these batteries for up to 5 years. However, the life of the batteries can be extended when running the clocks in economy mode, which allows them to last up to 8 years. This saves you the cost of purchasing batteries more frequently, and also limits battery waste.

Sapling’s Wireless Clocks save the electricity that you would normally have to spend on a wired clock system. However, a Sapling Wireless Clock System can also help reduce the environmental impact of your facility by saving energy costs in virtually any area of your company. Sapling Wireless Clocks are controlled by a master clock, which has scheduling capabilities that allow up to 800 events to be programmed. This way, you can automate many different aspects of your building. You can set your lights to always turn off at a certain time, or for your heating and air conditioning to turn down when no one is in the building. Coffee pots, printers, and countless other electronic devices can all be controlled so that they are never wasting electricity when not in use. This is a big energy saver as well as a money saver.

Everyone wants to do their part to help the environment, but sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. With Sapling Wireless Clocks, you can make a small change to your facility that can make a big difference on your facility’s environmental impact. Not only can wireless clocks help to conserve energy, but they are also cost-effective and easy to maintain.