Step-by-Step – Building your Synchronized Clock System

Building a synchronized clock system can initially seem like an overwhelming task. You have many options to choose from, ranging from clock and system type, what accessories you’d like to implement and even the kind of technical information (spec sheets, bill of materials or engineering specs) you’d like to receive. In order to make this process more fluid, Sapling has created the Configuration Station. Here, you are able to start building your synchronized clock system and customize it to match your facility’s needs.

Below are the easy-to-follow steps to kick off your synchronized clock system:

The first step when building your synchronized clock system allows you to identify your position (end user, engineer/architect or dealer) as well as possible materials you are looking to acquire, such as bill of materials, specification sheets, engineering specifications and installation manuals. Next, Sapling offers an assortment of clock systems that will achieve your desired purpose. The Choose a System options include Wireless, IP and Wired clock systems. The driver of these technologically innovative systems is the Master Clock. Step 3, Choose a Master Clock, displays the key features of the Master Clock, allowing you to choose the options that best suit your company’s needs.

Next, you will be able to choose the type of clock(s) you’d like to implement in your facility. The choices include Round or Square Analog Clocks or Digital Clocks. Within these steps, you will be able to select the mounting and digit size (digital clocks only), and view a photo gallery displaying the sleek design of the clock. To enhance the features of your chosen clock system, Sapling also offers a variety of accessories, which include Surface Mount Rings, Transformers, Universal Mounting Brackets and Wire Guards.

In the Summary step, you will be able to review the selected products with quick access to previous steps for any necessary adjustments. Finally, filling out your personal and company Contact Information, we will be able to move forward with building your synchronized clock system.

As you can see, Sapling’s Configuration Station will guide you through all the necessary steps when building a synchronized clock system for your facility. Whether that be a school, hospital or a corporate office building, Sapling’s Configuration Station will help you design the clock system that best suits your facility’s needs. If you have any questions about the Configuration Station or Sapling’s products, please contact us!