Stay Synchronized With the U.S. Government

The United States government is among the most powerful in the world. Made up of three branches, legislative, judicial and executive, these are the highest ranking authoritative bodies within the government. In addition to those three branches, there are several other government agencies working towards obtaining other goals. The Environmental Protection Agency, Agricultural Department and the U.S. Coast Guard are a few examples of well-known government agencies. The duties of any government employee vary greatly, but regardless of the specifics, it is safe to assume that almost all of our government employees conduct business in an office setting. With thousands and thousands of government employees working in thousands of government office buildings, certain standards must be upheld. Adhering to these standards can be quite worrisome and stressful. One way to reduce the stress, among other things, is to install a synchronized clock system.

Government employees make decisions that will have an impact on our lives currently as well as in the future. Pushing the United States forward is no easy task. It is accompanied by long days, intense political situations and a stressful work environment. Often times, government officials have deadlines they must meet as well. Installing a synchronized time keeping system in a government office building is paramount to the success of the workers. The synchronized clock system will contribute to punctuality, meeting deadlines and can help improve employee morale.

The Sapling Company has been manufacturing synchronized time keeping systems for over two decades. Our wireless clock system operates on a patented frequency-hopping technology and this system does not require an FCC license – which can be quite costly over the life of your system. The integrated wireless system runs off the master clock which will send the NTP server or GPS satellite updated time to the surrounding clocks. These clocks then receive the time and transmit it to their surrounding clocks, eliminating the need for a powerful, expensive master clock. Government employees can easily update the system with a web based, user-friendly interface accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

Sapling’s wireless clock system will reduce confusion among the government officials and can help lead to a much smoother work day. A higher quality of work can be accomplished when everyone in the office is operating on the same time. Also, in the event of Daylight Saving Time or a power failure, Saplings wireless clocks will automatically update themselves.

Working for the government can be very difficult. The Sapling Company can make things easier for government employees with their synchronized time keeping system. For any additional information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!