Sapling Regional Trade Shows: Debuting New Wireless Clocks and Many Other Developments

One of the many ways that Sapling likes to stay in touch with our customers, as well as acquire new clientele, is through our attendance at regional trade shows. Whether it’s a regional show covering Nevada and California, or a conference for businesses in Georgia, we like to take every opportunity to get out and talk face-to-face with the people we do business within every corner of the country. If you find yourself at one of the shows we attend, you might see a few of the personalities here at Sapling that you speak to on a regular basis. They’ll most likely be chatting up the latest and greatest in IP, wired, and wireless clocks. And in case you are looking to attend a conference or two this year, please take a look below at the shows in which we’ll be exhibiting and which Sapling personalities will be present for the remainder of 2011!

1. Wisconsin Healthcare and Engineering Association Conference (WHEA)

One of the great and many regional shows available in the US, Sapling will be presenting at the WHEA Conference in September. Alana Houle, one of our regional sales managers (RSMs), will be attending. Alana will be there to touch-base will all of our customers in the Wisconsin area, as well as answer questions and provide information on our latest wireless clock developments to all facility managers and healthcare engineers from the area, and all others attending the show.

2. Michigan Society for Healthcare Engineering (MiSHE) – booth #63

Similar to WHEA, Alana will also be attending the MiSHE conference to meet with existing customers in Michigan and talk about some of the newest wireless clock technology Sapling has developed.

3. Georgia Association of School Facility Administrators (GASFA) – booth #5

Focusing more on the educational side of the industry, our RSM Remy Cousart will be attending the GASFA conference in October. You might catch Remy talking about our wireless clocks and IP clocks and handing out our new brochures.

4. California Educational Technology Professionals Association (CETPA) – booth #633

For all the Californians in the education industry, one of our RSM’s from the west coast, Joe Robertson, will be attending CETPA. Joe will be available to talk about our latest in clock technology for schools, as well as greet some of our current customers who reside out in the west.

5. Midwest Healthcare Engineering Conference – booth #209

For the Midwest show, Alana and Remy plan to join forces in presenting Sapling’s IP, wired, and wireless clock systems to attendees from Indiana and surrounding states. Both RSMs will take the time to connect with our customers throughout the Midwest, and provide all attendees with answers to all their questions on Sapling’s products.

As we round out the year 2011, our regional trade show list seems to have grown longer than ever before. We realize that getting out to the local shows all across the US is just as important as attending a national or international show of greater volume and size. If you are an existing customer and you’d like to touch base with your RSM at Sapling or you’re a prospective customer and you are looking for a demonstration of one of our clock technologies, please come check us out at any of the aforementioned trade shows!

Check out our national and international shows by clicking this link – Sapling National and International Trade Shows