Sapling: Driving Innovation

Innovation, which is defined as the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices or methods, is what drives the future of technology. In the past decade, we have seen true innovation in the field of technology, which can be seen in several different ways. Every year, there have been greater and greater strides in the realm of technology within the products, services, and ideas that have been provided to consumers.

The Sapling Company is a pioneer in the synchronized time industry, and has been in innovator in the synchronized time systems since their inception two decades ago. The Sapling Wireless Clock System is one of the most innovative synchronized clock systems on the market today. It contains patented technology that allows it to be more efficient then any other system on the market. Its frquency-hopping technology allows the system to prevent any interference with other wireless devices without interrupting its transmission of the time signal.

Sapling’s wireless system is FCC compliant and works as a mesh network, this means that the master clock send out the signal to all of the secondary clocks within the wireless system. The secondary clocks received the signal and are them able to retransmit that signal to neighboring clocks because of the built-in repeaters installed inside each clock. This results in a highly reliable wireless clock system.

The Sapling Company’s unique Wireless Clock System is available in digital and/or analog clocks, with a number of customization options  in order to fit with the interior of your facility. Here at Sapling, we love our synchronized time solutions and we would love to further explain the benefits of them to you. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask!