Sapling and School Sports

Elementary school is a crucial stage in the development of young students. It is the first stage in which children really begin their academic career. In addition to their academic career, children begin their athletic careers as well. Even as young as 6 years old, kids begin to development their athletic skills, as well as gravitating towards the sports they enjoy. Sports aren’t for everyone, but the majority of children start to become active. Personally, I started playing sports when I was in first grade. Sports are also seasonal and for me it was football in the fall, basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring (sometimes summer too).

My dad, as well as a few other of my classmate’s parents, would volunteer to coach the teams. I may not have realized it then, but the time and effort that goes into organizing a school’s sports team can be somewhat strenuous. The coaches would have to create practice schedules, allocate gym time and communicate with other parents, among other things. An elementary school can really lighten the load on these parent coaches if they were to install a synchronized clock system.

A synchronized time system starts out with master clock, which is the heart of the system. The master clock sends out the accurate time to the secondary clocks, which would then correct to the time the master clock has given. The Sapling Company specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of synchronized clock systems. With one of Sapling’s systems, children’s sports programs can be easier to manage.  A synchronized clock system installed in an elementary school would result in displaying the same exact time in all classrooms, the cafeteria and even the gymnasium.

Allocating gym time among different sports teams always has been, and I’m sure continues to be an issue for elementary school coaches. With a Sapling synchronized clock system, transitions from one team to another can operate smoother and timelier. The children can get the most out of their practice, and coaches can work together more efficiently when everyone the schools clocks are synchronized. Depending on what master clock you choose, a school coach can utilize the count down feature. This feature will turn the time display on a digital clock into a count down display. With one glance, students and coaches will know exactly how much practice time is left.

If you have any more questions on Sapling’s synchronized clock systems and how they can benefit your children, please visit our website.