Planning for 2012 with Sapling Synchronized Clocks

Even though the fireworks and champagne have long since gone, it is never too late to begin to plan for the new year. Your plan may include several key areas of improvement, but chances are you have included a desired increase in efficiency and organization for your facility. There are many steps that you can take to achieve this goal, but purchasing a synchronized clock system is one that you may not have thought about. The installation of a Sapling synchronized clock system in your facility will start your year off on the right foot, and make achieving your goals that much simpler.

Simpler Scheduling

If you are in a large facility in particular, there can be a lot to keep track of. Take for instance a school with thousands of students. It can be difficult to keep the day running smoothly, with all classes beginning and ending precisely at the same time, and no discrepancies between clocks in different parts of the building. With a synchronized clock system, this problem is eliminated as all clocks will display the exact same time. Additionally, if you choose to purchase a master clock, you can consolidate many electrical systems with the clock system. In this case, you can abandon the antiquated manual bell in your school, and automate the bell to ring on a number of custom set schedules. Other facilities may choose to integrate their alarm system or heating and air conditioning system. Furthermore, you can use this system for smaller devices, such as lights, printers, and even coffee pots, so that they turn on when needed and turn off when not being used. This is cost effective and also environmentally conscientious.

Increased Organization

With a synchronized clock system you will be amazed at how much more smoothly your facility will operate. One of the features that makes this possible is automatic Daylight Saving Adjustment. Let’s be honest—in the hustle and bustle of daily life, details such as adjusting your clocks for Daylight Saving can easily fall by the wayside, but these small missed details can be very detrimental to your schedule. With automatic Daylight Saving Adjustment, your clocks will spring forward or fall back one hour depending on the time of year, and you never have to lift a finger to change them. Additionally, you can choose to purchase time zone clocks that will display the times in different areas of the world. This is particularly important for companies that do business internationally. Your relationships with customers will be significantly more organized if you can keep track of the time of day in all client locations.

When the small things in your facility are taken care of, the big things will start to fall in place as well. Don’t overlook your building’s timekeeping method. By purchasing a Sapling Synchronized Clock System, you will experience increased efficiency and organization through scheduling and other automated capabilities. Commit to making 2012 your best year yet by investing in a synchronized clock system for your facility.