Order in the Court with a Sapling Wireless Clock System

Judge Judith Sheindlin, popularly known as ‘Judge Judy’ is a courtroom judge that presides over claims cases that are broadcasted regularly on her reality show. The show rarely portrays Judge Judy in a good mood dealing with minor disputes occurring in her court room. With all the bickering going on in front of her, it’s easy to see why her mood could be sour, but not even the famed ‘Judge Judy’ could get angry with the benefits that a Sapling wireless clock system could provide to any courtroom.

Here’s how a wireless clock system works: A master clock sends out the time signal to all the secondary clocks in its range, which could be in neighboring court rooms or throughout the entire courthouse. Next, the secondary clocks in the courthouse will receive signal and correct to the accurate time. With the ability to receive the correct time and then retransmitted to neighboring clocks within the system, Sapling clocks display the same exact time throughout the entire courthouse.

Life changing decisions are being made daily inside a courtroom. Whether a defendant faces jail time or just a small fine, there is no room for errors these decisions being made. With many proceedings occurring back-to-back throughout a particular day, it can be difficult to stay on schedule. Implementing a wireless clock system is an easy solution to help maximize efficiency. With the same exact time displaying throughout a courthouse, judges can stick to their rigid schedule and try and complete all necessary proceedings.

Another beneficial aspect is that a wireless clock system can aid in accurate record keeping through a case. Every word spoken in a court room is recorded for accuracy in case of a discrepancy or for later reference. These recordings have drastically altered many cases and helped support many claims made in court. In certain situations, a case switches rooms on specific days or needs to refer back to the records, accurate time-keeping only helps in providing the truest outcome.

The quality of any courthouse can benefit from the installation of a Sapling wireless clock system. Lawyers and judges have a full slate of duties; preparation is time consuming but vital to create a positive outcome for their clients. Sapling’s synchronized wireless clock system has all the necessary traits to allow a court house to operate properly so that proper justice can be served.