My First Day on the Sapling Team

Have you ever actually taken the time to think about clocks? I haven’t, until today that is. The time is constantly around us, whether it’s hanging on the wall, sitting in the corner of your computer screen, or even attached to your wrist. What was so special about this particular day that time was on my mind? Today was my first day as an official Sapling employee.

Since Sapling specializes in providing synchronized clocks for a variety of industries that include education, healthcare, transportation, government, etc., a few thoughts popped into my mind during my first day on the job. Time dictates many aspects of our lives, such as when you wake up, when lunch time is and what time your flight is leaving for your dream vacation. Without the correct time, disastrous moments could occur. For example, you could be late for work, bypass a special occasion or, more importantly, miss which celebrity gets kicked off of “Dancing with the Stars.” If that’s the case, you want the most accurate time possible surrounding you.

One of my first duties as a Sapling employee was taking part in a tour of the facilities. Located in Huntingdon Valley, PA, I saw firsthand that Sapling clocks are engineered and assembled in-house with the utmost care. Every employee I met was welcoming, friendly, and made me feel included me in any way they could. Along with all those enjoyable characteristics, I received my very own Sapling coffee mug. Today was turning out to be a great day.

As for my role at Sapling, I have signed on to be a member of the company’s marketing team. Within that position, I will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Sapling as well as the wide variety of products they provide. The term marketing has many definitions and can be an umbrella for many other tasks and duties within a company, but I’ve learned from my previous experiences that a cornerstone in marketing is building relationships. From the people I’ve met at Sapling so far, it seems that this will be an easy task.