Movie, Popcorn and Synchronized Time

Theaters and cinemas provide a great place for people to go enjoy themselves, relax and spend time with their friends and family. Theaters have a big responsibility, housing hundreds of people in different parts of the facility at one time and showing multiple films. Organization is a must!

Implementing a Sapling’s wireless clocks are a great way to increase employee efficiency as well as keeping the theaters and audience members moving seamlessly throughout the facility. Wireless clocks can assist movie theaters in the following ways:

Staying on Schedule – This can help the staff have particular theaters prepared for audience members and movies ready to begin at the approximate time. If everyone in a movie theater is operating on the same time, the next movie will likely begin on time, which can help prevent delay for the subsequent showings or performances.

Time Awareness for Audience Members – A Sapling time system assists staff members and audience members alike. It can help audience members arrive at their specific theater before a movie begins as well as knowing exactly how much time they have before the show commences. A Sapling synchronized clock system will benefit customers who are running late, those purchasing food and beverage at the snack bar, in the bathroom or people gathering in the lobby before a performance begins.

Lower Maintenance Time and Costs – There are many extraneous variables to take into account when operating a cinema. With the installation of a a wireless clock system around the facility, there is no need to worry about updating the clocks when Daylight Saving Time or a sudden power outage occurs. Sapling’s wireless clocks automatically update to the correct time when a change or power outage occurs.

Sapling’s wireless clock systems always receive a ‘two thumbs way up’ review and are always worth their money when installed in your local movie theater or cinema!