Made in The USA–Sapling’s Dedication to US Made Products

As most Americans know, it’s no secret that US exports have significantly dropped in the past 30-40 years. Many of the manufacturing jobs that were seen in the textile, automotive, and technology industries have been sent overseas. With this dramatic economic shift in labor and goods, these days it’s rare to see a company stationed in the US, running their entire business under one roof. For example, production, engineering, research, marketing, sales all done within one facility is almost unheard of. However, here at The Sapling Company, we see to it that all of these functions are performed at our headquarters in Huntingdon Valley, PA, USA—most importantly the production, engineering, and R&D of our IP, wired, and wireless clocks. Because we go the extra mile with these three crucial parts of our company, you can trust that you’re getting the care and quality of an “American Made” product from Sapling.


When we say that our production is done is house, this means the actual assembly and testing of each and every product we produce is done by our production team in a designated area of our facility. No product leaves the production facility before it has been individually tested and confirmed to be operating flawlessly. Every digital IP clock, analog wireless clock, or SMA3000 Master Clock is assembled carefully and accurately. This explains the unparalleled reliability of our products, in comparison with some of those other clock companies that outsource their manufacturing to other countries.


Our engineering department here in Huntingdon Valley takes care of some of the most crucial processes in the creation of our clock products. First, they are the sole creators of the software that controls our product and makes it easy for the customer to use and operate. By controlling the design and creation of our software in house, things like software updates or helping the user troubleshoot their product occur easily. Secondly, our engineering department plays a huge part in the design of our product. For example, the design of our double mount housings for both our analog and digital clocks was done in such detail, not only to allow for a double-sided time display of our products, but also to make installation easy for the user. With three length adjustments and simple wall to ceiling mounting options, our double mount housings were developed for more than just a simple, double-sided time display. It’s the small, yet important aspects of our product development that make having an in-house engineering department worthwhile.


Before both the engineering and production department here at Sapling get a hold of our product, we make sure the proper preliminary research is done in order to release a stellar product. Before a product goes anywhere near engineering, the marketing team will provide heavily detailed research reports on the market, product design, product specs, and many other angles that go into the development of our product. After thorough research is completed by the marketing department, the process will move on into its next phase. With this kind of care and thoroughness put into every stage of the development of our product, we can ensure that its introduction to the market will be a welcome one.

With the heavy decrease in US manufacturing, it’s very rare to see products these days being made in the USA. Many of the jobs involved with the manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and other components of product development have gone overseas, which hasn’t exactly boded well for the US economy. However, Sapling is a proud employer of American citizens and just as proud to be able to export our US-made products overseas to international markets. By purchasing our synchronized IP, wired, or wireless clocks, you know you are receiving the quality of an “American Made” product.