It’s Finals Week!

This time of year is usually the most stressful time for college students…it’s the dreaded finals week. This is the time of year when professors and educators pack everything that has been taught to their students in the past few weeks and create a comprehensive test to challenge the knowledge and fortitude of their students. With several classes condensed down into a short amount of time, stress levels are turned all the way up for students across the nation.

Time management is a vital aspect for any student on a college or university campus to possess. Besides attending and preparing for their final exams, students could be juggling a number of extracurricular activities that include sports, clubs and work/internships. It is a difficult task for college students of today to balance all these responsibilities out and maintain high quality effort in all of them. With such a difficult task placed upon them and the extreme stress of finals week, it would be extremely appreciated by the student body if their university installed a Sapling synchronized clock system on to their campus.

When there is a Sapling synchronized time system installed throughout a university’s campus, everyone has an advantage. By providing uniform time displays throughout all the buildings on campus, from the library to the tech center to any classroom, efficiency is heightened for all involved- students, professors and staff. The exactness of the time in every room on a campus, allows professors to begin on time and giving students the most allowable time to finish the final exam.

Furthermore, a Sapling Elapsed Timer being placed in the classrooms will help test takers realize how much time they have left to complete the final. As the countdown clock winds down, students will be able to allocate the proper amount of time to the remaining questions left on the exam.

Sapling synchronized clock systems and Elapsed Timers can’t take the final exams for students but their operational duties will help greatly relieve the stress off of the student’s shoulders.