How Wireless Clocks Assist with a Facility’s Safety

Supervising and managing a large facility is no walk in the park, especially when you begin to list the countless efforts that must all come together unceremoniously to make sure operations of the facility run efficiently. Large facilities, like hospitals, schools and universities, or businesses, need numerous amounts of these tasks to all come together. Many little things that people take for granted, such as waste management and maintenance work are vital to daily operations.

Perhaps one of the most important jobs of a facility manager, however, is the maintenance of a building’s security system. The safety of a building, and more importantly the people within the buildings, is a task that is always on top of the to-do list. A lack of preparation or awareness could cause catastrophes for not only the business but harming of the safety of the people that liven up the facility. In addition to security systems, another great product installation that aides in safety is a Sapling wireless clock system. Not only will the building operate more efficiently through synchronized time, the building’s security system will become considerably simpler to manage.

A Sapling wireless clock system attains its accurate time from a master clock, which transmits the signal to each individual clock within the system. Furthermore, the master clock is able to automate security systems throughout the building. The master clock has scheduling capabilities which allow a facility manager to consolidate the building’s security system with the wireless clock system. This alleviates the duties of setting alarms or locking doors from humans, which can be subject to error.

Adding a Sapling wireless synchronized clock system into your operations will greatly increase your facility’s and employee’s safety. No short cuts can be taken when people’s safety is the subject matter; there is no value that can be placed on human safety. A Sapling wireless clock system not only improves operational efficiency, but can help increase the high valued and much needed safety and peace of mind for all involved.