How Sapling’s Elapsed Timer Can Assist ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The healthcare industry is a vital part of our society, providing care and, in certain situations, savings lives of those who absolutely need it. Sometimes quick decisions are made on the spot at every hospital around the world; these quick decisions impact so many lives, but few hospitals have the eyes of millions placed upon them every Thursday night. The doctors, nurses and staff at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital deal with this added pressure every day, being led by the likes of a qualified staff, that includes Dr. Meredith Grey, Dr. Izzie Stevens and Dr. Derek Shepherd!

Of course Seattle Grace is a fictional hospital from the ABC medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” now in its 9th season. Regardless of their fame, a Sapling digital synchronized clock system would be able to greatly benefit the efforts of the staff of Grey’s!

With hundreds of vaccinations, shots, medicines, surgeries ,etc. applied to the patients throughout the hospital, timing becomes extremely important. A hospital’s medical staff should be able to administer medicine on time and accurately, failure to do so could potentially have major ramifications and legal issues. With Sapling’s synchronized hospital clock system streaming the most accurate time throughout Seattle Grace, no matter what medical professional is administering medicine, they will be able to note the correct times, therefore keeping accurate records, providing quality care and avoiding potential legal problems.

The doctors on “Grey’s Anatomy” sometimes find themselves in a “Code Blue” situation. This is an incident when a patient goes into cardiac arrest or other type of life-threatening situation. Here, Sapling’s Elapsed Timer can help Dr. Shepherd or any other doctor on the Grey’s staff assist with a count up or countdown during a “Code Blue” situation. For example, if a patient slips into cardiac arrest during surgery, a doctor or nurse can hit the count up button. By doing so, the digital clock’s display will change from the time display to a count up display. This can help the doctors and nurses on staff know exactly how long their patient was in a cardiac arrest, or whatever the case may be.

The show’s storylines and characters may come and go through the seasons, but one consistent theme is aiding patients. Sapling shares this vision and our digital clocks will be able to greatly aid any hospital in their efforts!

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