HERE’S THE SITUATION: Sapling Clocks Benefits Healthcare Providers and Patients Alike

Hospitals, doctor’s offices and other health facilities are facing a growing pressure to raise the standards of the health services that the healthcare industry provides.  Many of these new goals depend heavily on advanced time keeping solutions to achieve success.

If your facility has not been updated to better function as the demand for medical attention increases, it is important to consider the problems your institution is specifically facing and choose a reliable clock system that works best for it.

Consider the following situation when deciding what your facility needs most out of its clock system.

Here’s the Situation:

  • After several incidents involving medical malpractice lawsuits due to incorrect time stamps, a large hospital is looking to update its facility with a reliable and accurate synchronized clock system to meet the needs of its duties and responsibilities.
  • The hospital is known to struggle with determining surgery times, administering medications after the appropriate time has passed and fail to punctually meet with patients and other staff as scheduled.
  • Each clock in virtually every location does not match one another.
  • The hospital is a relatively old building made up of outdated wiring and thick traditional construction materials.

These are all serious implications to both patients and staff.

The hospital is determined to install a new system that addresses all of these issues.  After careful consideration, the administration has determined that The Sapling Company can offer the best, most affordable solution to the problems they have been facing.

How Sapling’s Products Helps the Hospital Save Time, Money and Lives:

  • The hospital has chosen to implement Sapling’s Wireless Clock System that is battery powered, easily hung, requires no FCC license and eliminates the need of thousands of dollars in new wiring expenses.
    • The wireless clocks receive and retransmit their signal ensuring that the signal for each clock remains strong and in sync even under the effects of noise, obstructions and long distances.
    • Using the SMA 3000 Series Wireless Master Clock, all analog and digital clocks will display the same time using an NTP server as a precise time source.
    • With the master clock capabilities, the hospital will be able to program relays from the easy-to-use Sapling Web Interface.
    • Digital clocks are capable of displaying “FirE” in such emergencies and can be programmed to count up or down with the use of an elapsed timer (Sapling’s Control Box).


After the installation of Sapling’s synchronized clock system, hospital staff members can now all run on the same time. Records of administered medication times and surgery durations can be trusted by patients, doctors and even insurance companies. With new, accurate synchronized wireless clocks in place, everyone can expect efficiency, effectiveness and punctual medical services. In the event of a fire, digital displays will eliminate confusion for both patients and personnel when a fire alarm suddenly goes off. Hospital standards and confidence levels have been raised throughout the faculty and public that so heavily relies on the healthcare system.

No matter what the situation may be for your healthcare facility, Sapling offers innovative wireless, IP, and wired solutions for all your medical time keeping needs!

Please feel free to contact Sapling for additional information and to discuss what solutions we have to offer for your facility.