Happy National Architecture Week

This week, April 7-13, is recognized and celebrated as National Architecture Week. It is a unique time to display the work of talented architects who’ve made positive contributions to the public. Architects have such a valued task, providing us with homes, places of business, leisure, etc. that not only look appealing to the eye, but are fully functional in order of us to live our lives.

Recently, we here at Sapling have proudly become more involved in the architectural community and have become a registered member of the American Institute of Architects. The AIA is recognized as the leading professional membership association for licensed architects, emerging professionals and allied partners since 1857. In true innovative fashion, we are becoming actively involved with the AIA through their accreditation program. Recently, we have created a 1-hour long course for AIA members to participate in and earn 1.0 Learning Unit Hour towards the AIA accreditation.

The Course – # 163 is entitled Understanding the Evolution of Synchronized Clock Systems and includes the following learning objectives:

• Identify the technology utilized in various types of synchronized clock systems.

• Determine the appropriate clock(s) that should be used in the specific application.

• Understanding how synchronized clock systems have a positive impact on a variety of industries and
help improve productivity, while decreasing maintenance costs.

• Ability to select which clock system is best for a specific application.

To participate in the class or find out more about The Sapling Company and our involvement with the AIA, feel free to contact us at:

Phone: 215.322.6063 x1146
Email: alanah@sapling-inc.com
Visit us online: www.sapling-inc.com/aia