Cutting Maintenance Fees with a Wireless Clock System

Facility managers have many tasks to complete throughout any given day. Besides managing a team of employees and fulfilling administrative duties, a facility manager also has a hand in any ongoing construction projects, making sure the building is safe and comfortable for employees and many other miscellaneous tasks. One thing that facility managers shouldn’t have to worry about is the time that the clocks are displaying throughout a building.

One way to avoid any major clock-related problems would be by installing Sapling’s wireless clock system. Implementing a wireless clock system can assist any organization, in any industry to cut maintenance fees and allow a facility manager to focus on other tasks going on throughout the building. Besides displaying the exact same time throughout an entire building, listed below are a few additional benefits to implementing a wireless clock system and how Sapling’s system can cut back on a facility’s maintenance fees.

Ease of Installation

If an organization chooses to implement battery-powered analog clocks, all that needs to be done in regards to installation is placing the batteries into the back of the clock and hang it on a wall. Unlike with an older wired clock system, there is no need to bring in a certified electrician to install a wireless clock system. Along with an easy installation process, a wireless system can be retrofitted to an existing system and is ideal for many types of renovation projects.

Daylight Saving Time

For those companies and organizations who observe Daylight Saving Time, it can be quite an overwhelming task to manually correct every clock when the clocks fall back or forward. Another state-of-the-art feature that comes along with Sapling’s wireless clock system is the automatic correction of the clocks when DST occurs, which is facilitated by the SMA master clock. This feature allows a facility manager and staff members to focus on other tasks, rather than correcting each clock by hand.

Advanced Technology

Typically, a wireless clock system operates by first installing and programming the master clock, which provides the secondary clocks with the time. Next, the clocks receive the time and correct in order to display the correct time. Sapling’s went a step further and installed repeaters inside each clock in order to further ensure that each clock is receiving the most accurate time possible. With the addition of a built-in repeater, the clocks are able to receive the time from the master clock as well as retransmit it to neighboring clocks. This eliminates the need to purchase additional transmitters and ensures that all clocks are receiving the correct time, no matter the distance from the master clock.

Listed above are just a few of the advantages that come along with the installation of a wireless clock system, all of which help cut back on a facility’s maintenance costs. For more information about Sapling’s wireless clock system, please contact us!