Affordable School Clocks for Universities

Due to the current economic climate, the State of Pennsylvania recently announced a significant budget cut for state school funding. This loss of funds, upon final approval, can seriously halter many of the plans that state colleges have in the works that require substantial sums of money and/or rely heavily on government subsidies. This can stop new organizations from forming, new staff members from being hired, and new building projects from being started or completed. All of these plans for the future of a university are extremely important and necessary now more than ever. In an increasingly competitive world, Sapling is proud to offer school clocks that still remain affordable and help keep such important projects going, even during a downturn.

Whether school construction projects are facing the wrath of budget cuts or simply a price conscious administration, Sapling offers wireless school clock solutions that help an organization spend less and direct the savings towards other necessities that are just as important. Because these school clocks are wireless, a considerable amount of money can be set aside that would otherwise be spent on the cost of a wired system. Unlike a wired school clock, wireless school clocks do not burden a college with expenses incurred from purchasing wiring material and hiring installers to wire the facility.

In addition to such savings, this clock system does not require the reoccurring purchase of an FCC license to run wirelessly. Unlike other wireless systems, Sapling’s School Clocks run on a license-free frequency, eliminating the need for annual purchases from the FCC. Another benefit of these clocks is their quick and easy install. Simply hang and mount them within a few minutes and eliminate hours of paid labor during installation. Lastly, with the added advantage of transceiver technology within these school clocks, even more room is left in the budget because each clock retransmits the signal and eliminates the need for extra accessories such as signal repeaters. This wireless system is truly innovative and efficient, especially when compared with school clock providers that incur all those additional expenses throughout the installation process.

Thanks to affordable technology like Sapling’s, state assisted universities such as Penn State, Temple University can continue to remain competitive and active within their communities despite the unfortunate state Pennsylvania may currently find itself in financially. When state-wide universities choose school clocks as affordable as Sapling’s, peace of mind can be had knowing that you are truly getting your money’s worth.