5 Reasons Why You Save With Sapling’s IP and Wireless Clocks

Looking to save money on your new clock system? Sapling’s synchronized clock systems are the way to go. We provide a variety of cost saving solutions in order to meet various needs of different organizations. Integrating a clock system into a facility can be costly when faced with few options and little flexibility. At Sapling, we believe it is not the customer’s job to work around our products’ capabilities. Instead, we’ve designed all our products to work with our customers to provide easy installation and integration within a facility while minimizing unnecessary cost. That is why we offer wireless and IP products that are both affordable and flexible with the various needs of building integration.

Here are five simple ways Sapling’s wireless and IP products can save you BIG money when installing a new synchronized clock system:

Sapling’s wireless digital and analog clocks act as transceivers. This means they can both receive and send transmitted signals. As long as each clock is placed 200 to 400 feet of another (depending on the construction of the building), it will be within range to synchronize with the rest of the system. This eliminates the need for a wireless repeater and the expense that comes with it.

With the use of Sapling’s wireless system, absolutely zero wiring is necessary to synchronize secondary analog clocks with the main transmitter (master clock). Considering the vast amount of wiring that a large building or campus may need with a wired system, Sapling’s wireless system can save you thousands of dollars in expenses incurred from wiring material and installation.

Sapling’s wireless products run on an FCC license-free frequency range. By utilizing this open frequency range, the use of our products does not require the costly purchase of FCC licenses year after year. Not only is time saved from filling out tedious paperwork, but thousands of dollars are no longer wasted on pointless licensing fees.

When IP infrastructure is available and desired, no master clock is needed. Because our IP clocks are individually programmed to synchronize with network time through a PoE connection, money is saved from the cost of purchasing a master clock. Additionally, having the ability to avoid wiring expenses and use existing network connections is just another cost-efficient benefit of this system.

If you’re looking to reduce energy use, Sapling’s wireless system does just that. For our products that are completely wireless, energy is drawn from 2 D-Cell batteries to power our clocks. These batteries are relatively inexpensive and can last up to 5 years in standard mode or 8 years in economy mode. No more excessive energy use! Even our wired IP digital clocks, if preferred, can save you some money with their dimming features.

In today’s sensitive economy, Sapling encourages our customers to save money and reduce waste with the purchase of our wireless and IP clock systems. We support environmentally conscious business practices and remind you to recycle batteries when depleted with the use of our wireless clocks. Click here for more information regarding recycled batteries.