Support During Installation of Sapling Wireless Clocks

At Sapling, we believe in building relationships with our customers beyond a simple transaction. Choosing and purchasing a synchronized clock system is a process, and Sapling wants to be with our customers from start to finish. However, our service doesn’t end with the installation of your product. Sapling strives to go above and beyond for our customers, and that includes offering superb technical support with all of our wired, IP, and wireless clocks.

Sapling offers unlimited support for the entire life of your product. Meaning, if you need us to come troubleshoot five or ten years down the line, we will happily provide our services. Also, while some companies charge for the use of their technical support services, Sapling is committed to providing free technical support to all of our customers. This ranges from tech calls to bringing a technician on-site to troubleshoot your system.

One of the reasons that we are able to provide such quality tech support is because of our knowledge of the products we sell. All of our products are assembled at our headquarters in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. In addition, the molds we use to make our casing and crystal are specifically and uniquely ours. We do all of our engineering in-house. Unlike some companies who outsource the construction and engineering of their products, we know our products better than anyone else because we’re making them ourselves. Since we know what has gone into the making of our clocks, we are able to troubleshoot them appropriately should the need ever arise, and we also have the ability to answer high-level technical questions.

At Sapling, we believe that our synchronized clock systems are an investment which will yield incredible returns in terms of functionality. To guarantee that this is the case for the entire time that your facility is using the system, we will always make ourselves available to offer assistance wherever necessary. We are committed to excellence regarding product quality, so it just makes sense that we do the same in terms of support. Purchasing, installing, and using your synchronized wireless clock system will be simple with Sapling by your side.