Wireless Clocks, an Elementary Investment

A synchronized clock system provides many advantages to virtually any industry. Tardiness becomes indefensible and productivity normally spikes tenfold. Education is an industry that can benefit largely from the usage of time uniformity, namely the elementary education sector. Let’s face it, it is common to see a high school student say one thing, and do the exact opposite. That being said, they are still more-or-less able to make do in everyday situations. Elementary school students need much more assistance. Normal elementary schools having children ranging from 6-12 years old, these students need to be taken care of at all times. Not only do teachers and administration want to make sure that they are alright for their own moral sake, but also because lawsuits involving exponential amounts of money can occur if a child is found to have been neglected. A synchronized clock system from a trusted brand, such as The Sapling Company, can ease the nerves of many school districts.

With the use of Sapling’s highly regarded wireless clock system, parents of students that attend elementary and early childhood educational institutes can have peace of mind that, at the very least, all administrators and teachers are at their optimal organization. With Sapling’s trusted wireless clock system, every clock possesses its own repeater built within itself. This means that each clock acts as a transmitter to its fellow clock. With every clock receiving the same signal, a time inaccuracy becomes an urban myth of sorts. Unlike wired systems of competitor brands, costs of excessive wiring will not be something that prevents a school system from making the investment of a synchronized clock system. Sapling’s wireless clocks require no wiring. This makes the purchase friendly on the wallets of school districts.

Teachers in elementary schools need to be on top of many different segments of the day, such as the start/end of the school day, lunch time, snack time, recess, etc. When every clock displays the exact same time, a teacher has much more control of his or her classroom and everyone within it. With this amount of control, children are in a maximum-learning environment that promotes safety. There will very rarely be a kid just wandering outside of the cafeteria after lunch or monkey bars after recess hours. These little things that have the potential for serious consequences are essentially diminished with the use of Sapling’s wireless clock system.

All in all, it is in the best interest of education professionals, particularly in the elementary education sector, to invest in a synchronized wireless clock system. A system from a reputable brand is the best way to make sure that the school gets its bang for its buck. Something like a clock system requires a good amount of due diligence before making a decision. Sapling has a rich history of providing the utmost customer service to its patrons, and that is why it is held with such high regard in its industry. Education professionals, Sapling is here for you.