Wired Master Clock Systems – 3 Options to Choose From

Sapling is an industry leader in providing wired master clock solutions for business, manufacturing, education, healthcare and more. When our customers need a wired system that works for them, we have more than one selection to choose from. Choosing the right wired system for any facility is a piece of cake with the system options described below. Keep them in mind when choosing the right wired master clock system for your establishment.

1) 2-wire Digital Communication

As one of the most technologically advanced wired systems, the communication between master clock and secondary clocks occurs on only two wires. With the ability to correct itself up to once every second, this system offers maximum accuracy for any building complex and is ideal in both its design and capability. Beginning with the master clock, data is sent out to the converter box through two wires, which both power the clocks and amplify the data signal. From there, the converter box transmits the 24VDC power and the time signal data on the same pair of wires out to subsequent clocks. This master clock system is considerably easy to install, requires little maintenance, and supports both analog and digital 24V clocks within the same system.

2) RS485 Communication

This wired system, with the use of an SMA Series Master Clock, is a favorable choice for smaller master clock systems. In this approach, each slave clock is powered locally while a pair of wires is daisy chained from clock to clock with data. For the utmost precision between the master clock and secondary clocks, this digital correction also occurs as much as once a second and limits the damage caused from electrical surges by isolating the lines of power and data. RS485 is available in 24V, 110V or 220V and, like a 2-wire system, can run both digital and analog clocks.

3) Sync-Wire Communication

Without a doubt, the most popular wired system in the United States is Sync-Wire Communication. Sync-wire clocks receive a correction hourly down to the minute and second while the master clock system as a whole synchronizes every 12 hours to ensure accurate time keeping. Sapling’s Sync-Wired clocks recognize many protocols, allowing for simplicity when retrofitting with existing systems. Automatic Protocol Detection includes 59 minute correction, 58 minute correction, National Time and Signal correction and even Rauland correction. Also available in 24V, 110V or 220V with both analog and digital clock compatibility.