Wire Guards: The Ultimate Protection for your Clocks

Hockey goalies wear pounds of gear to shield their body from a rubber puck flying at them at 100 mph. Car manufacturers install air bags a vehicles the manufacture. Houses have home security systems used to detect intruders or disturbances at home. All these are common forms of safety measures found in our environment; necessary aids in protecting valuable assets, whether it be ourselves, our cars or our homes. It is important that we take every precautionary step possible top protect our most valuable assets.

At Sapling, we value our synchronized clock systems. Much time and effort is poured into our clocks, ensuring that they are made from the best quality parts and ensuring that they display the most accurate time. It is a difficult task for us to ensure the safety of every single clock we sell and install in numerous facilities around the world. For this reason, the Sapling Company offers comprehensive wire guards, which provide protection to several types of our synchronized clocks.

Built with the intent of providing protection to the clocks within your system, our Sapling wire guards are designed for use on our Sapling 12” and 16” round analog clocks as well as the 4” digital clocks. Each individual guard is created from 6 and 9 gauge steel rods which are welded together and then hot dipped in a zinc coating to protect from corrosion. Furthermore, the wire guards are hinged for attainable access to the analog or digital clocks when need be. The strong and durable wire guards come complete with fixed tabs welded to the guard for easily managed mounting directly to either a wall or ceiling. Finally, the wire guards are hung completely independent of the clock to ensure maximum protection.

With such a quality product created here at our headquarters in Huntingdon Valley, Pa, we attempt to make sure that your facility receives synchronized time as long as possible. Installing wire guards to outfit your installed Sapling synchronized clock system is an efficient addition to ensure the safety of any system.