Wire Guards – Protecting Your Clocks

Picture a typical middle school gym class. You might be envisioning kids running around, a lot of noise being made, and variety of sports balls and equipment flying through the air. In the excitement of a game of waffle ball, red rover or tag, the room often exemplifies chaos and disorder. It’s with good reason that there usually aren’t many appliances, decorations or moveable objects in a gymnasium. Anything or anyone present is likely to be moved or bumped into, including the school clocks hanging on the walls. If you have installed one of Sapling’s Synchronized Clock Systems to your school or facility, the last thing you want to happen is have the clocks broken or damaged. To prevent this kind of mishap, Sapling offers high quality wire guards as a simple and effective solution.

Wire guards can protect your school clocks in any area where there is high potential for damage. The most common places for wire guard usage are school gymnasiums, sports facilities, and other spaces of high physical activity. Since all of Sapling’s clocks are manufactured with high quality ABS plastic or durable metal their durability is extremely high. Putting catastrophic environmental events aside, the clocks will last many years with little to no sign of deterioration. However, one stray baseball thrown with a heavy hand in a school gym could potentially damage even the toughest of materials. To eliminate this risk, school clocks placed in gymnasiums can be fitted with a wire guard to protect them from sports equipment and the normal activity of recreational spaces.

With the addition of one of Sapling’s wire guards, you won’t have to worry about damage to the school clocks. Our guards are made from 6 and 9 gauge steel rods which are welded together and hot dipped in a zinc coating, protecting the wire from corrosion. For maximum protection the wire guards are mounted to the wall with fixed tabs, separate from the clocks. They are also built on a hinge for easy access to the clock at any time. Sapling’s wire guards are available for both the 12” and the 16” analog clocks and the 4” digital clocks.

We may not be able to predict who will hit the ball the hardest during a gym class, in which direction it will go, or who will needs to get out of the way. But with the addition of our wire guards, we can assure you that your efforts to keep your facility running on time will be protected. With the durability, clean design, and functionality of Sapling’s wire guards, your school clocks will be safe from damage and harm.