Why IP Clocks Do All the Work without All the Hassle

It’s not hard to imagine that keeping up with the maintenance in large facilities can be a tiring task. Between inspecting various systems periodically, making repairs and programming changes, facility managers and maintenance personnel are constantly jumping from task to task in order to not fall behind. One reliable system that eases this burden is the Sapling IP clock system. This IP system almost completely runs itself, leaving extra time for more important matters. Let’s examine Sapling’s IP clocks below.

How the IP Clock runs:

These clocks are intended to run solely over IP infrastructure. They connect to the infrastructure via an Ethernet jack. They are also Powered-over-Ethernet (PoE) meaning that they receive power through the Ethernet connection over the IP infrastructure. Sapling’s IP clocks can be programmed locally through two pushbuttons or more conveniently through their IP monitor software.

What you can do using Sapling’s IP Monitor:

With the IP Clock Monitor installed on a single computer, users can access each clock in the system all in one place. The monitor shows the status of each clock and allows you to select a clock to configure. When a clock is selected, its very own web interface will open up for the user to program options such as time zone offset, NTP servers, Daylight Saving changes, etc. Settings will automatically adjust upon submitting the changes you make on the interface, eliminating the need to visit the clock itself. In order to make the same changes to each clock in the system, the user needs only to configure one clock and save the configuration—which can then simply be loaded onto each clock instead of repeating the settings individually.

Why the clocks are hassle-free:

Because no single clock must be visited individually, workers find maintaining the IP clocks very lax and find themselves having more room to breathe throughout their hectic daily schedules. They can perform status checks, change brightness (digital only), institute DST changes, and change NTP server addresses all with simplicity from one location using Sapling’s IP monitor. No longer do they have to go from classroom to classroom or hospital bed to hospital bed just to adjust a time or check for malfunctions. Users of the IP clock system will even receive emails regarding issues without having to check the monitor program. With the installation of Sapling IP clocks in a facility, a facility’s timekeeping system will be worry-free and give the maintenance crew some peace of mind.