What’s So Great about Healthcare Clocks? Synchronization!

Ever wonder why your local hospital is considered so reliable in your community? A good place to look would be on the walls inside the building. Look at the clocks and see if they are accurate from patient rooms to emergency rooms to lobbies and hallways. Take note of whether every clock displays the same time and whether the time seems accurate. You may be surprised and impressed to find that every clock is precise and matches throughout the building. This is the great thing about healthcare clocks; their synchronization ensures the time accuracy needed for a fully functional and trustworthy hospital facility. At least that’s the case if your healthcare providers chose a dependable manufacturer of innovative technology for the clocks in the hospital.

Without exact time in every room or area of a hospital, too many mistakes may occur during patient care. Facilities without the proper healthcare clocks in place typically suffer from discrepancies between operating rooms and recovery rooms, dispensing medications from watches or wall clocks with irregularities, late appointments with patients and staff, and more. All of these issues are serious liability concerns and jeopardize the accountability of nurses, surgeons, doctors and even administrators. With synchronized healthcare clocks from a responsible provider, all of these anxieties can be eliminated and full trust can be put into the organization as a whole.

A healthcare clock that is correctly working does three things; it displays the same time as every other clock in the facility through a form of synchronization, its remains accurate because it constantly updates, and it adjusts for changes such as Daylight Saving Time. These clocks are part of a system of clocks that generally consists of one master clock and other subsequent secondary clocks that correlate to the master clock time. The master clock receives its time from either a GPS receiver or NTP server. Both of which are considered extremely accurate sources of time. Healthcare clocks, as you can see, can be an important resource for an entire hospital so long as the technology used is exceptionally reliable.

When it comes down to it, a healthcare facility is as outstanding as its clocks on the walls. There is no doubt that a patient care facility cannot function appropriately without the right time display on its clocks throughout the building. Next time you’re wondering whether your hospital is truly a great facility or not, remember that looking at those healthcare clocks on the walls is one pretty good way to tell.