How an Elapsed Timer Can Help Your Facility

An Elapsed Timer is a device that gives a digital clock the ability to shift from a time display to a count up or countdown display. Being able to utilize the count up or countdown option can assist many different organizations and companies successfully carry out a variety of tasks, no matter the industry they operate in.

Sapling’s Elapsed Timer consists of four buttons: Count Up, Start/Stop, Time and Count Down. Each button can be programmed to perform these particular functions, as well as other options, which include a return to the time display, showing the date and the ability to program the relays to close in order to ring bells, turn on lights, etc. Since keeping track of the time in some situations can be critical, each button on the Elapsed Timer has the ability to illuminate and/or blink when pressed. This allows for more visibility when managing a count up or countdown is absolutely necessary.

With so many options that come along with the Elapsed Timer, you may be wondering how the buttons are actually programmed. Well, that depends on the type of synchronized clock system you choose to install. If your facility decides on the Wireless, Wired or TalkBack system, Sapling would provide you a software program to install. If you chose an IP clock system, you could manage the clock’s settings via a web interface which can be accessed through a web browser, such as IE, FireFox, etc.

One industry that an Elapsed Timer can assist in is healthcare, more specifically in hospitals. Sometimes in a hospital a situation called Code Blue arises. This is a situation in which a patient needs resuscitation or immediate medical attention. By installing an Elapsed Timer, this device can keep the track of the exact time a patient is in critical condition, which helps doctors and nurses keep accurate medical records.

Another industry where an Elapsed Timer can come into play is in manufacturing. Depending on the products that a plant is producing, some manufacturing plants operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this operating cycle, many shift changes and breaks will occur throughout the day. In order to efficiently manage these changes, the addition of an Elapsed Timer would be beneficial. The countdown option could countdown between breaks or until the next shift change is occurring.

These are just two industries out of many that an Elapsed Timer could benefit. Contact us today to find out more about Sapling’s Elapsed Timer and how it could help your facility!