Using Sync-Wire Communication to Update your Facility

Do you work in a facility with a need for new or updated clock installations? Are you unsatisfied with your current or past clock companies and hesitant to continue working with them? Do you find that replacing parts is a frequent and costly endeavor? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the Sync-Wire Communication System, one of Sapling’s three wired clock systems, may be the solution. This system is one of the most popular in the United States for updating a clock system for many reasons. Three of these reasons are listed below:

1. Works on a Variety of Voltages- Providing high flexibility, Sync-Wire Clocks have the capacity to be powered with 24V, 110V or 220V. This means that whatever voltage your current clocks are running off of right now, Sapling’s will be able to adapt.

2. Automatic Protocol Detection- Every 12 hours the entire clock system is synchronized. In addition, every hour the clocks receive a correction synchronizing the minute and the second hand. The analog clocks are able to receive a 59 minute correction, a 58 minute correction and a National Time/Rauland correction. These updates ensure that all of the clocks in your facility remain in sync and accurate so that the employees can stay on track throughout the day.

3. Interfaces with Other Systems- The most accommodating feature with Sapling’s Sync-Wire Communication is that its master clock can work with your existing clock system. Say you have an older sync wire system in your facility and the master clock, along with many of the slave clocks no longer work. However, a percentage of the remaining clocks are still operating perfectly. In this situation, Sapling’s Sync-Wire System will interface with those remaining clocks in your facility—allowing Sapling’s Master Clock to control the existing clocks that still work. This capability makes Sapling a great choice for facilities in need of updates, replacements or renovations, but do not want to install an entirely new system.

It’s with good reason that Sapling’s Sync-Wire Communication is one of the most popular for older system updates. The flexibility of voltage usage, the automatic time corrections and synchronization, and the ability to interface with existing systems are some of the great benefits to using this system. The compatibility and convenience of the sync-wire communication system coupled with Sapling’s high level of service and product quality make this offer an excellent one to help get your facility running at its best.