Using a Master Clock to Go “Green” in Your School

School teachers and faculty members worldwide know how important it is for a school’s clock system to run correctly for the efficiency of day-to-day activities.  It is important for a student to be in class on time, and for the teachers to be on time as well.  If a student is late for class due to incorrect time and is reprimanded for their tardiness, that isn’t exactly fair to the student.  Conversely, many teachers have detailed lesson plans that map out the entire duration of the class.  If the clocks aren’t on time, this can interfere with the flow of their planned schedule.

Many schools either do not have a clock system installed or are running on outdated clock systems that have little to no features for scheduling events.  These events could be many things such as setting time for the school’s lights to turn off when not in session, scheduling the time for bells to ring for class changes or interfacing with intercoms to accurately set the time.  Events such as these are crucial for keeping schools running seamlessly.  By installing a synchronized clock system that runs on a single master clock, such as Sapling’s SMA 3000 Series Master Clock, the school will have these event scheduling capabilities at their fingertips.

Aside from keeping the school on a timely schedule, many of the events that can be set on a master clock can save the school in energy costs as well as help their effort to make more conscientious decisions in helping the environment.  Events that turn the school’s lights off when not in session or cut out electricity to class room modules when not in use can all be utilized to help save thousands of dollars on their energy bills annually and at the same time lead the school into the “Green Movement”.  Consequently, this can improve the image of the school on a monetary and an environmental level.

Using an up-to-date clock system with multi-event capability will help a school to run more functionally than with older systems.  With the application of a new synchronized clock system, keeping the school running optimally will never be an issue.  Scheduled events will happen on time and the entire faculty, staff and students will all be synchronized to the same time.

Switching to an innovative synchronized clock system is an essential part of the everyday operations that often gets overlooked.  The aforementioned points further prove that having a clock system that’s ready to handle programmable events is very effective in helping out the environment, saving money in energy costs and keeping teachers and students on a timely schedule.

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