Universities & Time

Some of the most expensive years of your life are spent at college. It is a huge investment of time and money, usually leading to fruitful outcomes. In order to do well, some of the key requirements include taking exams, handing in papers, and attending class on time. With so much at stake, one can’t risk being late to a class.

In my own personal experience, I was studying in the library where a clock read 2:05 PM. My class began at 2:30, so I knew I had plenty of time to walk over. Little did I know that the clock was actually 15 minutes
ahead, and the actual time was 2:20 PM, so I didn’t arrive to class until 2:45 PM. I felt extremely embarrassed walking in late, but also held a bit of a grudge against the school for allowing a clock that is seen by many students to show the incorrect time. If the clock in question had been a Sapling Synchronized Clock, this would never have happened.

Another aspect of college that nearly every student dreads are taking exams. It is stressful being timed on something that heavily influences your final grade, but it is even more stressful not knowing how much time you have left. Spending extra precious seconds to calculate your remaining time only further adds to the stress one experiences. Sapling Digital Clocks are capable of countdowns, so if you look at the clock when a countdown has been initiated, you will know exactly how many minutes remain before time is up. If these type of clocks had been in place when I was attending college, my experience would have been all the better.

Don’t let your students get held back by your clocks. Let Sapling be the solution for your school!