Timing Behind the Scenes – Maintenance Staff

One of the many vital pieces of any efficient business is the effectiveness of its office space. While the employees may be the soul of a company, the office building is where the backbone of the operation occurs. A clean, organized work space provides the proper area for productivity and creativity to grow, as well as presents the company in a more positive manner to those on the outside. Caring for your office space is another way to take pride in your company and your work.

In order to provide employees with the right environment that brings out their best work, there are many responsibilities that need to be addressed in order for an office to be fully functional. From light bulbs that need to be replaced in order to see, a clean lunch room for people to enjoy their meals and the office space to be vacuumed and dusted for a clean environment; all of these tasks are facilitated by the maintenance staff. Maintenance workers have a difficult job; they may not be the face of the company, but they must make sure the infrastructure of the office is held in high regard. Such a large responsibility is placed upon their work and the last thing they need is the difficult task of keeping up the maintenance on a wired clock system, which used to be the standardized clock system in many office buildings. Sapling offers an upgraded solution to a wired clock system that requires lower maintenance time and fees – a wireless clock system.

On occasion, maintenance personnel find themselves paying special attention to wired clocks by checking the status of wires and taking further steps to replacing them if need be, fixing or replacing broken parts, or taking non-operable clocks down altogether. If there was a wireless clock system installed in the office, however, none of these duties would be a thought in their minds. Wired systems, especially older models, are dependent upon many conjunctive parts all working together to make sure all the clocks are always ticking. Continuously, there are even specific issues where maintenance workers will even have to hire an outside electrician to come in and assist with certain problems pertaining to the wired system.

By instituting Sapling’s Wireless Clock System throughout the building, it will eliminate complicated wiring, help save money over the life of the clock system and offer lowered maintenance costs and time for a company’s maintenance staff. Check out our YouTube video for a more in-depth look at how Sapling’s Wireless Clock System can be beneficial to your facility!