Three Ways that Sapling is Making the Purchase of Wireless, Wired, and IP Clocks Easier

Here at Sapling, we have always strived for excellence when it comes to customer service. The dealers that carry our product are an important asset, and making sure we do proper business with them has always been one of our main concerns. However, we know that as the company keeps on growing, there will always be room for improvement. This is why Sapling has come up with three clever and time efficient additions to the company website in order to improve customer service, and make the purchase of wireless, wired, and IP clocks from us easier in years to come.

1. Dealer Login

In 2010, the dealer login feature was added to the site. With the dealer login, carriers of our product are able to access their own personal account, making the purchasing process much easier. In their account, the dealer may access different types of documentation not available to the public. By providing our customers with a more personalized experience when visiting the website, making decisions and finding answers to their questions becomes much less of a hardship.

2. The Configuration Station

One of the biggest challenges for Sapling Clock System customers has always been customizing an entire clock system for a final purchase. Having so many choices, from the type of system (wired, wireless, or IP clocks), to the many optional features of the Sapling SMA 3000 master clock, piecing every part of the system together to make a final purchase can be confusing. To alleviate this problem, Sapling has implemented the “Configuration Station” to the website. This tool will help customers navigate through the system they want to purchase, starting by choosing a wired, wireless or IP clock, and ending with a complete synchronized clock system with all the accessories necessary for the project. With the Configuration Station, customers will have a step-by-step process to follow when choosing their new system.

3. Webinars

Educating the customer about our product has always been a staple of the company, considering the intricate nature of our high-tech designs. In order to provide existing and potential customers with better knowledge of our product, Sapling is now developing and holding scheduled “webinars”. Each webinar is held to discuss how one particular system works, going into detail of the clocks and equipment that work with it. For example, we will commonly hold a webinar focused on our new IP clock system, the equipment necessary to run the system, and the many innovations it provides for various vertical markets. With this new addition to the website, customers can be fully informed of the product before purchase, making final transactions easier.

As Sapling’s product and customer portfolio continue to grow, we know that certain steps must be taken to increase our customer services in respect to this expansion. We understand that making this process easier on our customers is crucial. With the confusion that comes with purchasing such a technologically advanced product, implementing these three activities will assist customers before, after, and during the buying process of a wireless, wired, or IP clock system.