The Ultimate Guide to the Time Zone Clock – Part 3

With Part 3 of the Ultimate Guide to Sapling’s Time Zone Clock, I’d like to highlight three industries that would benefit from the addition of a Time Zone Clock. Our Zone Clock can accommodate a wide range of industries, so if you’d like me to cover any other industries, please leave a comment or leave a message on our Facebook page!

Corporate Buildings

Now more than ever, it is easier for businesses and organizations to operate on a global scale. Partnering with another company, opening a satellite office, or selling to a customer on the other side of the globe will require you to know the time in your location and in the other locations you are working in. Adding Sapling’s Time Zone Clock to your facility can help with balancing your obligations with your international partners by displaying the time in those significant locations.

For example, a company in the U.S. can open a satellite office in Australia in order to extend their global reach.  Instances may arise when one person in the Australian office needs to contact a fellow employee in the PA office. Being able to quickly see the exact time in both locations will help these two offices work smarter.

Transportation Facilities

When you are traveling (especially internationally), being on time to catch your plane, train or bus is paramount. Whether it is an airport, bus depot or train station, transportation facilities that cater to international travelers would be helping all parties involved by installing a Zone Clock.

For example, if a sales representative is traveling abroad for a trade show, knowing the time from the area they left and where they have just arrived can help the rep adjust from their long journey and prepare for any upcoming events they must attend.

Government Offices

Many countries have embassies as well as delegates and other various government officials, located all around the globe.  Placing Sapling’s Time Zone Clocks in all relevant offices can help these government ambassadors who are located in one country know what part of the workday their international colleagues are in.

For example, if there is a need for a wide scale conference call between government officials, planning the call to meet everyone’s schedule could become a difficult task. being able to glance at the Time Zone Clock can help planning such events much easier. Knowing the time in the relevant zones can help government officials operate more efficiently and effectively.

These are just three of the many industries Sapling’s Time Zone Clock can benefit. For more information on our Zone Clock, please visit our website or leave us a message.