HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PA – June 3, 2011 – The Sapling Company unveils its new digital surface and double mount housings, as well as their new analog double mount housing for use in a variety of industries. Sapling’s new housings are improved aesthetically, as well as mechanically.

Among some of the new features the new digital clock housings encompass is the elimination of the external antenna for wireless systems when coupled with Sapling’s new wireless digital clock. With the upgrades that Sapling has made to the wireless digital clock circuit board, all wireless clocks (when paired with our new housings) are fitted with an internal antenna, further enhancing the aesthetic appeal. Along with the aesthetic upgrade, Sapling’s new housings have undergone rigorous and thorough testing to ensure that Sapling’s new housings can withstand a significant amount of duress (similar to what might occur in a school or hospital setting).

“Over the years, Sapling has always recognized the wants and needs of our customers while striving to make our products the most technologically advanced in the field,” said Mitch Gobetz, Sapling’s Marketing Manager. “We have continued that tradition with our new housings giving customers what they’ve asked for in a more durable and attractive housing, as well as the capability to have an internal antenna on the wireless digital clocks.”

The double mount housings also feature an adjustable extension and are capable of mounting to the wall or ceiling. These housings are designed to work in conjunction with the 12” and 16” analog round clock, as well as the 2.5” or 4”, four or six digit digital clocks. The housings have UL compliance pending.


The new digital housings will be available for Sapling’s digital clock product line starting June 15th, 2011. The analog double mount housing will be available for Sapling’s analog clock product line on July 7th.

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Sapling Inc. has been a pioneer in synchronized timekeeping systems for over a decade. Sapling clocks can be found in schools, hospitals, transportation centers and corporations throughout the country and all over the world. We feature a complete line of analog and digital clock products for wired clock systems, IP clock systems and our patented synchronized wireless clock system.

Our mission is to supply quality products backed by state-of-the-art technology and first-rate technical support. All of our clocks are engineered and assembled in the United States at our headquarters in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. With hundreds of dealers worldwide, wherever you are, Sapling’s extensive network can offer local assistance and installation.

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